IDP s.r.l. is an R&D based company specialized in the development, production and marketing of high-performances non-destructive testing and inspection equipment - primarily for the construction and manufacturing industries. IDP s.r.l. has extensive experience in smart sensing and process automation as well as consultancy services aimed at assessing the energy efficiency of buildings, the compositions of chemical solutions and at the quality control of industrial products. Our innovative people, systems approach, and customer support provides us with the ability to conceptualize, design and deliver high performance, intelligent systems tailor made to our clients' specific needs.

Our entire organization is structured to respond rapidly and effectively to customer requirements. We are specialized in identifying problems and offer custom designed solutions. We are deeply committed to the challenge of manufacturing first-class products and develop innovative solutions which will improve the revenue of customers. The People in our company are our most important assets, they have multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience in various fields and are used to tackle problems which are in the forefront of technology.